Fully Functioning, Public Beta Available Now!

OpsCanvas is pleased to unveil the launch of its Public Beta. With this initiative, software engineers and tech leaders have the opportunity to use OpsCanvas’ innovative Generative IaC technology to deploy their software to the cloud prior to its broad-based release. This platform efficiently automates the cloud deployment workflow, allowing SMBs to leverage the cloud without the common deployment challenges.

One-Click Automation of Deployment Tasks: OpsCanvas automates the tedious tasks associated with deploying software to the cloud, such as the configuration and provisioning of managed services (including networking, database, and other cloud services) and launching your containerized application and/or micro-services configured to take advantage of the cloud resources it requires.

Generative IaC Innovation: OpsCanvas automates the generation of Infrastructure as Code to facilitate an accurate and rapid deployment while eliminating the need to manually code the IaC for deployments. With the Generative IaC capabilities, the platform automatically creates secure, accurate, and complete IaC code. This accelerates developments, decreases operational overhead, and reduces potential security or success risks when deploying with IaC.

Join the OpsCanvas Community: Ready to begin? Create your Public Beta account here.

 Key Advantages:

  • Early Access: Secure exclusive entry to cutting-edge platform engineering and Generative IaC technology.
  • Exclusive Benefits: In addition to comprehensive training materials and support, early participants will receive a generous discount on OpsCanvas’ paid offerings when they become generally available.
  • Public Beta Participation at No Charge.

 About OpsCanvas:

At OpsCanvas, our primary goal is to simplify the cloud for software teams, irrespective of their technical background. We’re dedicated to making the complexity of cloud deployments more accessible. The OpsCanvas platform stands as a testament to this commitment, streamlining cloud deployments and simplifying the complexities. By leveraging our platform, businesses can reduce the need for extensive resources and deep technical knowledge, making the cloud a more streamlined experience. To find out more information about OpsCanvas, visit our website here.